Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's *almost* school time!

I can't believe tomorrow is our first day of homeschooling.  I have so much fun planned, yet I feel so unorganized.  If you saw my post from a few days ago, you would have seen that I decided to finish a room in our basement and create a 'school room'. Of course it's not even close to being complete but that's ok.  I have boxes full of supplies, workbooks, learning materials, games,etc. Our first week is going to be filled with LOTS of fun, a couple assessments to see what we need to work on and a little reviewing, so I have some time to get our classroom put together.  

I really need to stay off Pinterest though...So many ideas and only a year to do it. :)   I'm excited to start meeting other homeschool families in our area as well as watching my kids thrive and learn. 

Still trying to decide on our School name, mascot and maybe even a motto.  

But of course today I am busy printing, and planning out our first couple weeks. 

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