Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old Navy Activewear Review! (Crowdtap)


I bring you another Old Navy Review! I really love Old Navy. It's seriously one of my very favorite stores. I worked at Old Navy back in 2000 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter.  I do miss some of the styles they had back then.  Like the gray and blue Old Navy sweatshirts. They were classic comfy sweatshirts and I finally threw away my last one last year.  It was VERY worn.  Complete with thumb holes in the bottom of the sleeves. haha    

Thanks to Crowdtap, I was chosen for the 'Sweat it out in Old Navy Activewear!' This is my second Activewear Sample Share and I truly love it.  I can always use new workout gear and it keeps me feeling good about myself and wanting me to get out there and work out.

 I decided to give my coupon to my sister. Since my closest Old Navy is an hour away, I really like to make it a special trip.  Well lucky me, was visiting my family in Georgia for Christmas, so on the last day of the coupon, my sister and I hit the stores. Not only did we get our free active wear, but we got a ton of other clothes thanks to after Christmas sales.

My sister chose an orange tank top and a pair of grey pants.  They look awesome on her.  The only thing she didn't realize was that she grabbed LONG pants, but  she said she likes that they are long. Hopefully she doesn't trip over herself if she wears them while jogging.


I got a pair of grey pants with a couple teal stripes around the waist. The shirt I chose was a teal tank top.  I LOVE the way they fit.  The store was incredibly busy so we didn't try our outfits on but they really did fit just perfect.  The only issue I had was with my coupon which was quite a surprise since this was the 4th time I have used a Sample Share coupon.    It accepted my pants, but said my shirt wasn't valid.  My sister and I chose the same shirt, just different colors and her coupon gave her no problems.  The Old Navy staff was awesome and accepted my coupon when they realized that I indeed met the criteria of the coupon.

I love doing these Sample Shares and hope I continue get to sample Old Navy clothes.  Keep up the awesome work Old Navy! YOU ROCK!

Here is the front of my shirt

Here is the back.  I love the little 'hole in the middle of the back.

...and my pants.  Super soft and comfy.

*Crowdtap and Old Navy provided 2 coupons(one for me adn one for a friend) for any active wear item for me to sample, share and review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own.  

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