Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mavis’ 118th Birthday Bash!

I was chosen through Crowdtap to host Mavis’ 118th Birthday Bash!  I had our party on  October 7th.  We didn't have the turn out like most of my other parties since there seems to be some crazy stomach going around.  But we had fun anyway.   And of course we ended up getting it here at the house after wards so I am just now getting this blog up.

For our snacks we had, eye of newt, chatter teeth, mummy dogs, mandarin Jack-O-Lanterns, Mummy juice, Bug gut dip and cupcakes.  Basically, deviled eggs, eggs with marshmallows, hotdogs wrapped in croissants, mandarin oranges with a Jack-O-lantern face, juicy boxes wrapped in electrical tape an googly eyes and pumpkin fluff with a couple fake bugs on top. 

 eyes of newt

 mummy juice boxes

 mandarin jack-o-lanterns

 mummy dogs

 chatter teeth

 bug guts(aka pumpkin fluff)

 a plate full of yum

The kids and parents thought it was hilarious.  I got so many compliments on how cute and fun everything was. At the end of the party we passed out goodie bags with vampire teeth and playdoh. 

The kids really loved trying to find the cockroaches in the spaghetti noodles.  It was slimy and gross but they kept coming back to play in it.

bowl full of spaghetti and cockroaches(fake ones of course)

The girls thought it would be fun to draw jack-o-lanterns on their stomachs too.  Goof balls!

In all it was a blast.  I wish more people would have been able to come and hope I continue to get to host such fun parties from Crowdtap! 

One last pic of my baby girl.  She at least got a graham cracker. :)

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