Sunday, October 14, 2012

Glade Expressions Collection Review

I wad recently given the opportunity to review Glade Expressions Room Spray and Diffuser through  

Here is my review of  the products.

?When I was selected for this campaign, I was excited for the opportunity to try out a new product and make my house smell wonderful. It was of course another bonus that this was my first campaign, so I had high expectations. 

When I received my coupons in the mail, I couldn't wait to run out to the store and use my coupons. But after looking through my coupons, I realized I didn't have any free products, just $4 and $2 off coupons. I messaged a friend who also was chosen and she told me I should have received the coupons. I emailed Bzzagent and never got a response. That was going to stop me from using the coupons, although I did feel bummed that I wasn't actually getting a 'free' product. 

 So off to the store I went with coupons in hand. Being that I live in the mountains our shopping can be limited sometimes. We have a Walmart and Kmart. I first checked out Walmart and was only able to find the spray in Pineapple mangosteen. I bought it. A few days later I went to Kmart and again only found Pineapple and mangosteen spray but this time they had the refills. That same evening I went to another Walmart about minutes from my home and they didn't have any of the products at all. At this point I am becoming super bummed. Not only did I not get any free product coupons, but I can't find the product and when I can it's one fragrance so I can't even chat up the product to strangers in the aisle and hand out coupons. 

About a week later, I went to visit my mom and sister in Georgia and brought along my coupons for them. At Target, we FINALLY found the Fresh Linen Spray and of course Pineapple Mangosteen. We even found a diffuser in Pineapple mangosteen but they only had one left. 

 I handed out a few coupons to some friends down there and have followed up a couple times with them. At first no one seemed to be able to find the products but slowly they were able to use there coupons in multiple places. Although no one ever found the apple scent.

 Of the 6 ladies that I gave coupons to they all really loved the sprays. They said that they were long lasting, and made their homes smell fresh for a long time. No one had a diffuser in Fresh Linen, only in the Pineapple. 3 of the ladies really loved it and said it made the room smell great. 1 lady said it was just too sweet of a scent for her and decided to put it in the guest bathroom. 2 ladies said it was ok and didn't really love the diffuser as much as the spray. 

I never found a diffuser. I thought I did, but when I got home it was a refill. So I still can't review the diffuser.

 In conclusion, it's a great smelling product when and IF you can find them. I thought it was just where I lived but discovered that even in a populated bigger city they were usually sold out. I would really love to find the apple scent, especially since it's fall time. The Pineapple Mangosteen is more of a summery scent, the fresh linen is more springy and I feel the fall deserves the apple. It's upsetting not being able to give a full review of the product as well as not having my message answered in regards to not having *free* coupons."

Edited to add: There are actually 4 scents. Pineapple and Mangosteen, Fresh Linen, Lavender and Juniper and Apple. I was never able to locate the last two scents.