Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Navy Style Council

I am proud to be a style council member of  Old Navy through Crowd tap.  So far I have been chosen to sample a dress, active wear and the latest, a pair of shorts.

I really needed a pair of shorts.  I couldn't tell you the last time I have went out and bought a pair that weren't sleep shorts.  So when I was chosen to do a Sample Share for shorts I was super excited.  I decided to choose my sister.  My closest Old Navy is an hour away and since I was going to visit my family for Mother's Day Weekend, I figured it would be a great time to go with my sister to check out some shots.

We headed to Old Navy and picked out as many styles of shorts as we could and headed to the fitting room.  We both were able to find an amazing pair that fit us just right. I tried on about 8 pair and of course the very last one was the one that fit me the best.  They are black and have a draw string and a stretchy waist.  These a perfect for my post baby body. :)  I loved them so much that I also bought them in brown. Of course i had to buy a few more items.  A few shirts, a few outfits for the new baby and a couple pieces for each of my older children.

My sister chose a denimn colored pair. They are more of a cotton feel and great to dress up or dress down.  They fit her great.She paired her shorts with about 10 shirts since she was about to start a new job

I noticed that the denimn shorts are a little smaller than size and the sized shorts a little bigger.

It was a super fun outing with my sister and even better that we got free shorts.