Tuesday, May 29, 2012

McCormick Grilling Ambassadors Party

I really love the website, Crowdtap.com.  There are so many opportunities to sample different products, give your feedback and make a little bit of money for Christmas using your points to get Amazon gift cards.  IF you haven't signed up, you really should. 

Today I am going to review my McCormick Grill Ambassadors Party!  This party came at an amazing time.  We had gone to visit my inlaws, so we decided to have our party there.  It was great to see family, but what is a family outing without amazing food.  Since my inlaws are sicilian, I knew we were going to have a great meal.  Of course I was there to help spice things up a little with all the McCormick goodies I had been sent.

We used the Montreal Steak seasonings for the steaks, the BBQ sauce for the chicken drumsticks and the Molasses Bacon seasoning for some of the drumsticks and the legs of lamb. I didn't get a chance to use the rubs though.  But I will definitely be reviewing those soon.

Here is my husband and brother-in-law making the steaks.

This seasoning is really amazing and tastes SO much better than just salt and pepper.  I didn't get pictures of  the prep of the chicken or lamb but for your viewing pleasure here is some pictures of my sister-in-law grilling. 

The BBQ sauce was by far my favorite thing.  It is sweet but tangy and just had an amazing flavor.  I am so glad there was some left, because I took the rest home and plan to use it again. I will definitely be buying it on my next trip to the store.

I am very happy I was chosen for this party and hope I will have another opportunity to sample these great products.