Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 months old already????

WOW!! How time flies! I can't believe that Max is already 4 months old. :) Well he turned 4 months on Saturday the 25th, but we went up to Dalton, GA so Max could meet his Great-grandpa. My grandpa was totally in love with him the first time he held him. He even wanted to keep him!

I also paid my respects and went to my Mama B.'s grave. I went to her grave after Cassy was born and had to do it again for Max. It'll be 10 years this October and for some reason the pain is still there. They say it gets easier, but it hasn't. I was 17 when she passed away and soooo many things still remind me of her. I miss her terribly. She never got to meet either one of my children and it breaks my heart that they will never know such an AMAZING woman. I just hope I can be half of the mom/grandma that she was.

Max is getting soooo big. He talks and smiles and tries to sit up, although only for a couple of seconds. He loves to stand too. He is just such a happy baby. Cassy loves her brother and I think she really enjoys being a big sister.

We will be going home this weekend and I know I am ready. I miss my husband and my bed and can't wait to just be home! I know Sal is missing us too and is more than ready to have us back. It was nice to get to visit my family and even extra time with my dad that we didn't think we would get. All in all it's been a great month.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to get some pictures posted soon!

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