Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer is here!

Well, It's been over a month and a half since I posted here. I'm just not sure how to Blog. I mean, yeah I see how others do it and I read a ton of blogs, but when it comes time to actually sit here and type something out I'm at a complete loss.

Let's see. School is out so C is home all the time, which is fine because I enjoy having her around. When she is actually around anyway. She plays with the neighbor kids all day. How nice it must be to be 8 years old. I remember those days.

M is getting so big. I can't believe he is already 3 months old. He is so much fun. He smiles and laughs and 'talks' all the time. He's such a happy baby and I'm so thankful to have such wonderful children.

On a final note... I know this post is short and pretty boring. I'm sure I'll get better with this whole blogging thing the more I do it.

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